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Is it acceptable to wear pyjamas to the supermarket?

Wearing pyjamas in public crosses the line for acceptable society standards. This is according to Twitter users.

Wearing pyjamas to the supermarket has been one of the big talking points on the Twitter streets this week.

Many users have had their say on whether cosy pyjamas, nightgowns, or onesies were socially acceptable.

And the overwhelming majority of people said it was not acceptable, and agreed that shoppers need to get dressed before heading out.

This comes after an image by retail store company SPAR surfaced on the internet.

The image is a notice placed on the wall at one of the SPAR stores which reads: “Dear customers, no pyjamas or nightgowns allowed. By management.”

The picture was posted by @Kari09448880 with the caption: “I am here for comments only (laughing emoji).”

Debate on the topic once gained attention in 2010 when a Cardiff-based Tesco store issued a statement about appropriate shopping attire after customers urged the stores to ban pyjamas while shopping.

The store stated that “footwear should be worn at all times” and that “nightwear was not permitted.” However, other Tesco stores did not follow suit.

Tesco’s head office stated that they “did not have a strict dress code” in any of their stores, but they did go on to say that they “didn’t encourage people to wear nightwear as this might cause embarrassment to other shoppers.”

Then in 2017, two women were spotted in a supermarket in Manchester going about their weekly shop in pyjamas.

This simple act sparked a frenzy of debate online with many people branding them “lazy” for not bothering to make the effort to get dressed, and with some people going as far as saying it was “disgusting.”

But, what do people in 2022 think? Here are some of the reactions from tweeps.

What’s wrong with gowns kanti? If they are so bad why not just ban them from even being sold

— 🇿🇦 Andza (@BleqJedi) May 11, 2022

Most Malls don’t tolerate this rubbish. Sleeping clothes are meant to be for your home. Finish n klaar. A normal person won’t leave the house wearing those pyjamas to go at any public place.

— King-Dre (@Dre_Anderz) May 12, 2022

Any grocery store that will dictate your evening shopping attire must be boycotted. This is a matter of choice and Customer collective power. Once it affects their bottom line they will change that sign to ” everyone’s welcome this is a Family store not a catwalk”

— Comrade Mushiyeni (@MontjaMushiyeni) May 12, 2022

In response to the viral poster, Spar told Business Report that each store is individually owned and required to comply with all legislation.

“However, some stores have had complaints from customers that are uncomfortable with sleepwear worn in the store.

“In these cases the owners have exercised their rights of admission reserved and requested that customers do not wear sleepwear in their stores,” the retailer said.

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