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Jet fuel shortage disrupts Air Zimbabwe flights

Harare – A shortage of Jet A1 fuel in Zimbabwe has disrupted the flight schedule of the country’s national carrier, the airline announced late on Thursday.

In a statement, Air Zimbabwe advised its passengers to brace for an anticipated flight schedule disruption, as a result of the Jet A1 shortage at airports.

“Air Zimbabwe wishes to advise its valued passengers and other stakeholders of an anticipated flight schedule disruption due to Jet A1 fuel shortages at the airports,” the statement said.

The airline said it had been advised by its suppliers “of constraints in the movement of the product, which has cascaded along the entire value chain to us, as the final consumer of the product.”

The shortage of aviation fuel is expected to affect other airlines that fly into Zimbabwe, which may be forced to make stopovers in neighbouring countries for refuelling unless they make their own separate arrangements to ensure there is enough fuel at Zimbabwe airport for their planes.

The shortage is also expected to further cripple the troubled Air Zimbabwe, which is trying to recover from years of mismanagement that have seen some of its aircraft being seized by creditors and its planes being condemned over safety concerns.

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