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Guaranteed ways you can start making money today

South African youth are suffering from high unemployment levels. Millions of these individuals are qualified, skilled, or have never even been able to afford higher education.

Things may seem dire because these are systemic issues that need heavy government intervention, but there are ways one can make a plan to start a side hustle that can develop into a fully-fledged business.

And with this country’s determination, tenacity, and wit, they can achieve anything. Meanwhile, here are some great ways you can start making money:

Meal prep for the health concious

In this supposed post-Covid 19 era, more people have become more health-conscious and intentional about what they eat. To get loads of vitamins, nutritionists often recommend that people meal prep balanced foods.

For this type of business, you will need guidance from a nutrition expert on which foods to prepare, how to cook them, and more.

Computer training

Impoverished youth, especially those from neglected schools in rural areas, often encounter problems when they reach tertiary and do not know how to operate computers.

Through this type of business, you can provide an important service, help out your community, and earn money at the same time.

Provide moving services

People need things moved across the country all the time. If you have vehicles, you can put them to use and transport all sorts of goods. You can also do this strictly on a local basis for the people around your town and neighbourhood.

Make an outside cinema and showcase local films

Streaming is all the rage these days, but drive-through cinemas have also made a big comeback. From watching romantic movies under starlight to watching scary films with your eyes half closed, the cinema is a magical place.

You can open a small cinema in your background and cosy it up with trendy decor pieces and be open for business. Your patrons don’t have to have a car to come and enjoy the experience.

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