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You need these 7 essential healthy cooking ingredients in your pantry

Wellness experts and doctors concur that taking care of oneself is one way to ensure you live a healthy, fulfilling life.

And we are seeing a growing trend of people who are interested in healthier versions of themselves.

Diets and gyms are not exclusive to keeping your body healthy. It is recommended that you incorporate a few simple items into your daily routine on a regular basis for health benefits.

When you have a headache or feel nauseous, your first instinct may be to reach for medication to relieve the pain.

Many herbs and spices have a long history of being used for their beneficial healing properties.


Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels and has a powerful anti-diabetic effect. It has potent antioxidant activity, helps fight inflammation and has been shown to lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Cinnamon has potent antioxidant activity, helps fight inflammation and has been shown to lower cholesterol. Picture: Couleur/ Pixabay


Turmeric can help ease swelling. Picture: Freepik

Turmeric has been well studied for its ability to ease swelling and reduce inflammation.

It contains a substance called curcumin which is a surprisingly potent antioxidant that aids in the prevention of oxidative damage and increases the body’s natural antioxidant enzyme.


Sage derives its name from the Latin verb salvere, which means “to save.”

Research indicates that sage may be able to improve brain function and memory, especially in people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Sage is good for memory and brain function. Picture: Diapicard/ Pixabay


Nuts are miracle foods that have been shown to improve both physical and mental wellbeing. Almonds and walnuts are foods that improve energy and enhance brain function, making them excellent choices for snacks in between meals.

Similar to almonds, pistachios enhance brain and eye function and are beneficial for maintaining healthy skin and hair.

A variety of nuts are also a great source of protein. Picture: Freepik

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper contains Capsaicin, a compound that aids in appetite reduction and boosts fat burning.


Rosemary can help prevent allergies and nasal congestion.


Cumin is a Mediterranean and South Asian spice. It’s made from Cuminum cyminum seeds, which have an earthy, nutty, and spicy flavour.

According to research, cumin may increase the activity of digestive enzymes and facilitate the release of bile from the liver, thereby accelerating digestion and easing fat digestion.

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